原文 译文
暑假补习班 summer tutoring classes
文化移情 cultural empathy
消费升级 consumption upgrading
徇私舞弊 play favouritism and commit irregularities
阁下 Your Excellency
辅警 auxiliary police
灰色收入 grey income
暗箱操作 covert deals
中国通 China hand
靖国神社 Yasukuni Shrine
沙发客 couch surfer
药品加成 medicine markups
攒机 DIY computer
免疫缺陷 immune deficiency
习武 practice kungfu
会当凌绝顶,一览众山小。 Try to ascend the mountain's crest: it dwarfs all peaks under our feet.
生源 student pool
质量强国 a country strong on quality
秋裤 long johns
政事分开 government functions be separated from institution functions
发改委 National Development and Reform Commission
辞格转换 conversion of figures of speech
洋葱男 Womanizer
电影剧本 screenplay
推诿扯皮 shirk responsibility
震级 magnitude
薄利多销 small profits but quick returns
《西厢记》 Romance of the Western Chamber
公共电话亭 public telephone booth
无人超市 unmanned supermarket
旅行结婚 honeymoon trip
民间工艺品 folk arts and crafts
博导 PhD supervisor ​​​​
网络女主播 camgirl
大科学工程 Big Science project
警戒水位 warning level
土特产品 local specialties
联合国维和活动 UN's peacekeeping activities
离婚协议书 divorce settlement
保证金 cash deposit
智能垃圾桶 smart bin
仪仗队 honor guard
肉鸡 broiler chickens
核心竞争力 core competence
IC充值卡 IC top-up cards
凝聚更多共识 pool more consensus
降成本 lower costs
信息流 news feed
年终奖 year-end bonus
全球经济治理 global economic governance
联动发展 inter-connected development
国务院“约法三章” State Council’s three-point decision on curbing government spending
群面 group interview
平板电脑 tablet computer
重译 retranslation
小型图书馆 mini-library
东坡肉 Dongpo Pork
第五代移动通讯 The fifth generation of the mobile communication systems
安理会常任理事国 permanent members of the UN Security Council
环太平洋 the Pacific Rim
转译 indirect translation
社会主义核心价值观 socialist core values
长臂管辖 long-arm jurisdiction
视频监控 surveillance camera
纯电动汽车 blade electric vehicles (BEV)
短信脖 text neck
套餐 set meal
电视现场直播 live TV broadcast
听证会 public hearing
刷手机 swipe one's phones
流动人口 mobile population
数字创意产业 digital and creative industries
猥琐表情包 obscene memes
稳中求进 make progress while maintaining stability
网页游戏 browser game
南水北调 South-to-North water diversion
《纽约时报》 The New York Times
行贿受贿 offer and take bribes
摆谱儿 show off
待机时间 stand-by time
白手起家 start from scratch
论文答辩 thesis oral defense
爆表 off the charts
银监会 China Banking Regulatory Commission
董事 Member of the Board
双眼皮 double eyelid
《中华人民共和国国歌法》 China's National Anthem Law
优进优出战略 strategy for optimizing imports and exports
健走 fast walking
全译 complete translation
垃圾分类 garbage sorting
绕圈子 beat about the bush
补短板 bolster areas of weakness
真空包装 vacuum package
双层巴士 double-decker
主题歌 theme songs
农副产品加工 agricultural and sideline product processing
弱势群体 vulnerable groups
欧洲怀疑主义 Euroscepticism
爆冷门 unexpected win
科技巨头 tech behemoths
投资炒作风险 investment speculation risk
“必剩客” doomed single
人口老龄化 aging population
在线旅游代理商 online travel agency
工匠文化 culture of workmanship
五言绝句 five-character quatrain
糖醋排骨 Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
免费WiFi覆盖 free WiFi coverage
网络内容建设工程 initiative to enrich online content
净资本 net capital
贴片广告 pre-movie ads
学习型社会 learning-oriented society
选译 selective translation
秀恩爱 Public Display of Affection
应运而生 emerge as the times require
朝阳群众 residents of Chaoyang district
投机行为 opportunistic practice
全方位外交 all-round diplomacy
一对一会谈 one-on-one meeting
战狼2 Wolf Warriors Ⅱ
分布式可再生能源 distributed renewable energy source
顺译 translation in original order
生态红线 the ecological red line
互联网租赁自行车 Internet bike rental
文化帝国主义 culture imperialism
全天候伙伴 all-weather friend
白人至上主义 white supremacy
无理由退货 unconditional returns
短信诈骗 SMS fraud
空气净化器 air purifier
地缘博弈 geopolitical maneuvering
AR录取通知书 AR-enabled university admission notice
“四风” formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance
性侵者 sexual assault
网络文化 cyberculture
忠诚、干净、担当 loyal, clean and accountable
同声传译 simultaneous translation
交通部 Ministry of Transport
宅基地 homesteads ​​​​
国际惯例 international conventions
旅游淡季 slack season for tourism
碳交易 Carbon Trading
自动驾驶技术 autonomous driving technology
基准利率 benchmark rate
生物钟 body clock
胶原蛋白 collagen protein
农村人居环境整治行动 rural living environment improvement initiative
猪流感 swine influenza
新闻发布会 press conference
虚假招聘 false recruitment
人均收入 average per capita income
空白支票 blank check
通用电气 General Electric
精装书 hardback
中非合作峰会 Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
路内停车 on-street parking
中国结 China knot
相机调控 well-timed regulation
去产能 address overcapacity
涂鸦 graffiti
拒不认罪 plead not guilty
大病医疗 critical illness medical care
货币政策工具 monetary policy tool
中国元素 China’s elements
口水战 war of words
人头税 capitation tax
需求侧管理 demand-side management
区块链 block chain
财政收入 government revenue
融资渠道 financing channel
众创、众包、众扶、众筹 crowd innovation, crowdsourcing, crowd support, and crowdfunding
亚健康 subhealthy
防伪标志 anti-fake label
人员伤亡 deaths and injuries
知识密集型产业 knowledge-intensive industry
点心 dim sum
反恐行动 anti-terrorist operation
原文 译文
经济刺激一揽子计划 stimulus package
国民营养计划 national nutrition plan
吸管 drinking straw
政企分开 separation of enterprise management from government functions
立案 file a case
礼仪之邦 a nation of etiquette
充电设施 charging facility
拆迁补偿费 compensation for demolition and resettlement
体育彩票 sports lottery
生殖性克隆 reproductive cloning
富豪消费价格指数 Luxury Consumer Price Index
三严三实 Three Stricts and Three Honests
社会关切 people's concerns
微电影 micro film
找对象 find matches
无为而治 letting nature take its own course
职业病 occupational hazard
边缘科学 boundary science
生态环境承载力 bearing capacity of the ecological environment
敏感问题 sensitive issues
用电量 electricity consumption
有毒奶粉 toxic milk powder
市话 local call
多层次养老保障体系 multi-level aging security system ​​​​
稳中求进工作总基调 seeking progress while working to keep performance stable
最低限价 floor price
城管 urban management officers
桑拿天 sauna weather
赛龙舟 dragon boat racing
翻译悖论 paradoxes of translation
共享床铺 shared sleep cabin
丝绸之路上的五彩梦 The colorful dream of the Silk Road
经济全球化 economic globalization
去库存 reduce inventory
历史文化名村名镇 towns and villages with rich historical and cultural heritage
生产要素有序流动 the orderly flow of production factors
优先取舍权 first-refusal
落地签 visa-on-arrival
残奥会 the Paralympic Games
精神纽带 the spiritual bond
永恒之蓝 eternal blue
海底捞火锅 HaiDiLao Hotpot
文科 liberal arts
透支 overdraft
“萨德”反导系统 THAAD anti-missile system
第三方评估 third-party evaluations
创新驱动式发展 innovation-driven development
电信诈骗 telemarketing fraud
常设机制 a permanent mechanism
慰安妇 comfort woman
长途航班 long-haul flight
营改增 replace business tax with VAT
赃款 ill-gotten gains
龙门石窟 Longmen Grottoes
炒房 property speculation
藏粮于地、藏粮于技战略 food crop production strategy based on farmland management and technological application
因病致贫 fall into poverty because of illnesses
美丽宜居乡村 a countryside that is beautiful and pleasant to live in
亲、诚、惠、容的理念 the principles of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness
“中国制造+互联网” Made in China + the Internet
存款利率浮动上限 upper limit of the floating band on deposit rates
拳头产品 hit product
信息接入能力 information accessibility
《天堂蒜薹之歌》 Song of Garlic Stalks in Tiantang County
信用评分系统 credit rating system
浮动汇率体系 floating exchange rate system
调薪 salary adjustment
乱收费 impose unjustifiable charges
极右翼支持者 far-right supporter ​​​​
淡出 fade-out
内需疲软 sluggish domestic demand
端午节 Dragon Boat Festival
燃油附加费 fuel surcharge
替代国 the surrogate country
航拍 aerial photography
贸易自由化 trade liberalization
送货上门 home delivery
百闻不如一见。 Seeing is believing.
代币发行融资 Initial Coin Offerings
禁燃区 no-fly zone
自由贸易实验区 Pilot Free Trade Zone
全家桶 Family Bucket
可燃冰 flammable ice
探究性学习 inquiry-based learning
务实合作 practical cooperation
食疗 dietary therapy
欧洲“毒鸡蛋”丑闻 European contaminated eggs scandal
打击盗版 combat piracy
均衡膳食 a well-balanced diet
钻石十年 a diamond decade
属相 Chinese zodiac sign
高速铁路 high-speed rail
借书亭 Library Booths
氮氧化物 nitrogen oxide
投硬币祈福 throw coins for good luck
信息服务平台 information services platform
深度学习 in-depth learning
专项转移支付 special transfer payment
居住证制度 residence card system
混改方案 mixed-ownership reform plan
“市场定价、价补分离”原则 principle of market-based prices with separate subsidies
餐桌污染 dining table pollution
生命共同体 a community of life
第三学期 third semester
生活性服务业 consumer-oriented service industry
耐抗生素细菌 antibiotic-resistant bacteria
行政问责制 administrative accountability system
中国典籍 Chinese Classics
液晶显示器 Liquid Crystal Display
信息爆炸 information explosion
淡入 fade-in
磁悬浮列车 magnetic suspension train
中国地震局 China Seismological Bureau
潜规则 hidden rules
游街示众 shame parade
知青 educated youth
创客 maker
去杠杆 deleverage
农村剩余劳动力 surplus rural workers
《华尔街日报》 The Wall Street Journal
欧洲经济圈 the European economic circle
文人 men of letters
遛宠物 take pets for a stroll
再结构翻译 translation with reconstructions
器官捐献 organ donation
收费公路债券 toll road bond
鞭炮 firecrackers
天价大虾 pricey prawn
暴利行业 industry of windfall profits
火箭回收 rocket recovery
暗网市场 dark web marketplace
反腐剧 anti-corruption TV series
禁穆令 Muslim ban
物以稀为贵。 A thing is valued in proportion to its rarity.
国际会议口译员协会 International Association of Conference Interpreters
一贫如洗 as poor as a church mouse
军装照 pictures in PLA uniforms
个人信息安全 personal information security
耐受力 tolerance
套票 season ticket
教育特使 special advocate for education
世界机器人大会 World Robot Conference
桌游 role-playing board games
天文观测 celestial observation
得寸进尺 reach out for a yard after taking an inch
共享汽车 shared cars ​​​​
范式转移 范式转移
量子通信 quantum communications
丝绸之路经济带 Silk Road Economic Belt
气候友好型技术 climate-friendly technology
再生水 reclaimed water
适度消费 moderate consumption
国家最高科技奖 the State Supreme Science and Technology Award
板儿寸 crew cut
日全食 total solar eclipse
慢就业 delayed employment
首航 maiden flight
虚假粉丝 fake followers
佛经 the Buddhist Scriptures
垃圾分类系统 waste segregating system
散伙饭 farewell dinner
红娘 match-maker
素颜 without any makeup
莱比锡派 Leipzig School
上市 go public
官商勾结 collusion between officials and businessmen
打折失明证 bargain blindness
扣帽子 put a label on
共有产权住房 homes with joint property rights
滞留旅客 stranded passenger
择优录用 enlist according to merits
人口迁徙 population migration
绿色增长 Green Growth
仿真系统 simulation system
中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会 the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
扫码解锁单车 scan the QR code to unlock a bike
杭州互联网法院 The Hangzhou Court of the Internet
打断骨头连着筋 connected by our flesh even if our bones are broken
赢者通吃 winner takes all
闭卷考试 closed-book exam
年度风云人物 man of the year
国际红十字委员会 International Committee of the Red Cross
传统文化知识 traditional cultural know-how
二十四节气 the Twenty-Four Solar Terms
人脸识别 facial identification
深海探测 deep-water exploration
自杀式炸弹袭击者 suicide bomber
医养结合 combine medical and elderly care services
自负盈亏 responsibility for one’s own profits and losses
证监会 China Securities Regulatory Commission
自拍杆 selfie stick
铁人三项 iron man triathlon
人工降雨 cloud seeding
人机交互 human-computer interaction
隔热层 heat insulating layer
车模 car show model
节能减排 energy conservation and emission reduction
军民融合发展 integrated military and civilian development
引渡条约 extradition  treaty
先审后播 review-before-release system
传记电影 biopic
政治互信 political trust
微传销 pyramid-selling through WeChat
马克思主义理论研究和建设工程 Marxist Theory Research and Development Project
拜金主义 money worship
诸子百家 Hundred Schools of Thought
恐怖威胁等级 terror threat level
中国特色大国外交理念 the philosophy underpinning China’s diplomacy as a major country
工匠精神 the spirit of craftsmanship
择校费 school-selection fees
知识产权强国 IPR powerhouse
单轨 monorail
撤军 withdraw troops
节能市场机制 market mechanism to promote energy-saving
质量认证 quality certification
多证合一 merge different forms of certification required of businesses into one certificate
科学发展观 Scientific Outlook on Development
籍贯 birthplace
实际控制线 Line of Actual Control
无现金城市 cashless city
产业升级 industrial upgrades
高温补贴 high-temperature subsidies
旁白 voice over
香奈儿套装 Chanel Suits
关贸总协定 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trad
天使粒子 Angel Particle
句型转换 conversion of sentence patterns
预算范围 budgeted range
短线产品 products in short supply
内幕交易 insider trading
低保 minimum living standard
悬浮议会 hung parliament
专用英语 English for Specific Purposes
行政审批 administrative examination and approval
译述 translating plus reviewing
在家教育 home schooling
第一夫人效应 the "first lady " effect
空巢青年 empty-nest youths
化蛹成蝶 the struggle from chrysalis to butterfly
中国特色新型智库 new type of Chinese think tanks
租房市场 home rental market
新型城镇化 a new type of urbanization
网络经济 cyber-economy
四项基本原则 the Four Cardinal Principles
娱乐圈人士 entertainer
可再生能源 renewable energy
全球幸福和清廉指数 the World Happiness Index and the Corruption Perceptions Index
奶奶保姆 granny nanny
唱对台戏 put on a rival show
民贵君轻。 The people are more important than the ruler.
工业明胶 industrial gelatin
闪婚 rush-to-get-married
译学范式 translation paradigm
保镖服务 bodyguard services
专车 tailored taxi service
智能家居 smart home appliances
资本回报和劳动回报 returns on capital and labor ​​​​
胎教 fetal education
共享发展 shared development
不正之风 misconduct
即兴说唱 freestyle
资源配置 resource allocation
长征 The Long March
挥发性有机物 volatile organic compounds
两岸关系 cross-straits relations
军民融合发展战略 military-civilian integration strategy
预警 precaution
因病返贫 illness-related poverty
碳中和 carbon neutrality
终身禁赛 life bans
熔断机制 circuit-breaker mechanism
保监会 China Insurance Regulatory Commission
衍生剧 spin-offs
八卦账号 paparazzi account
死记硬背 rote learning
托底 meet people's basic needs
科技富豪 tech billionaire
“逆全球化”思潮 anti-globalization sentiment
投资移民 investment immigration
伪娘 cross-dressing
森女 Mori girl
文职人员 administrative and non-combat personnel
域名抢注 cybersquatting
外卖 take-out
隐喻式翻译 metaphorical translation
副中心 subsidiary center
独生子女 the only child
刷脸进站 “face swiping” check-in
上下同欲者胜。 Success comes to those who share in one purpose.
平均预期寿命 average life expectancy
“互联网+政务服务” Internet Plus government services
特长生 pupils with special talent
支付宝账号 Alipay account
兄弟同心,其利断金。 When brothers come together, there is nothing they cannot achieve.
通缉名单 wanted list
大使级外交关系 diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level
彩礼 betrothal gifts
城乡一体化 urban-rural integration
移动电源 portable power bank
传谣 spread rumors
信息终端 information terminal
共享单车 shared bike