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生产能力 production capacity
社会治理体系 Social governance systems
政治体制 political system
分配制度 distribution system
公权 public power
市场准入 market access
文职人员 civilian personnel
惠及全体 benefit all
职能转变 transforming the functions
民族精神 patriotism
大道之行,天下为公。 A just cause should be pursued for the common good.
形式主义 the practice of formalities for formalities' sake
集体主义 collectivism
协调推进“四个全面”战略布局 four-pronged comprehensive strategy
自治权 autonomy
西医 western medicine
地制度 land system
犯罪活动 criminal activities
社会责任 social responsibility
司法体制 the judicial system
新闻舆论传播力、引导力、影响力、公信力 the penetration, guidance, influence, and credibility of the media
教育 higher education
政治基础 political foundation
化马克思主义 marxist
历史条件 historical context
自然资源 natural resource
轮作 crop rotation
社会救助 social assistance
社会主义现代化 socialist modernization
司法 administration of justice
决策机制 decision-making
新型工业化 new industrialization
自由化 liberalization
管理制度 management system
能源生产 energy production
中华民族 the chinese nation
住房制度 housing system
文化遗产 cultural heritage
特殊教育 special needs education
世界经济 World Economy
推进社会公德、职业道德、家庭美德、个人品德建设 raise public ethical standards, and enhance work ethics, family virtues, and personal integrity
民族区域自治制度 the system of regional ethnic autonomy
责任制 responsibility system
税收 taxation
共同富裕 Common prosperity
药品供应 medicine supply
城乡义务教育 compulsory education
合宪性 constitutionality
机制 mechanism
可持续的发展 sustainable development
社会主义民主 socialist democracy
公平竞争 fair competition
看齐意识 keep in alignment
社会主义市场 socialist market
市场经济 socialist market
开放型经济新体制 the open economy
人力资本 Human capital
破坏 sabotage
男女平等 gender equality
制度建设 institution building
劳动生产率 Labor productivity
反恐维稳 countering terrorism, maintaining stability
调查 investigation
发展观 development philosophy
帝国主义 imperialism
库存 Inventory
“五位一体”总体布局 five-sphere integrated plan
中华人民共和国 People's Republic of China
长征 Long March
党的领导 party leadership
执政党 governing party
创新思维 creative thinking
国家安全战略 national security strategy
社会主义社会 socialist society
塑造力 power to shape
最新成果 latest achievement
高等教育 higher education
自由贸易 Free trade
长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共 long-term coexistence, mutual oversight, sincerity, and sharing the rough times and the smooth
政权 state power
新型智库 new types of think tanks
执政能力 ability to govern
峰会 summit
封建主义 feudalism
监管 Supervision
国家主权 sovereignty
惠民举措 initiatives to benefit the people
能力 competence
青年兴则国家兴,青年强则国家强。 A nation will prosper only when its young people thrive
生物多样性保护 biodiversity protection
群众路线 mass line
监察体制 supervision system
一个中国原则 the one-china principle
制定“十三五”规划 formulating the 13th Five-Year Plan
学前教育 preschool education
多党合作 multiparty cooperation
党的领导 the leadership of the communist party of china
爱国统一战线 The patriotic united front
社会环境 social environment
装备 equipment
强权政治 power politics
国民待遇 national treatment
环境保护 environmental protection
作战能力 combat capability
守法 observance
人力资源 human resources
工业化 Industrialization
利率 interest rates
改革 Transformation
党组 party group
对外贸易 foreign trade
反腐败斗争 fight against corruption
优秀传统文化 fine traditional culture
安全战略 safety strategy
国际事务 international affairs
面向现代化、面向世界、面向未来 embrace modernization, the world, and the future
生态文明 ecological civilization
市场经济体制 market economy
文化多样 cultural diversity
法治 legal system
社会保险 social security
鸦片战争 the Opium War of 1840
均衡发展 balanced development
民族团结 ethnic unity
评价 evaluation
政治建设 political building
政治意识 political integrity
地方税 local tax
科学社会主义 scientific socialism
司法体制改革 reform of the judicial system
创新理论 new theories
合法权益 legitimate rights
专制 autocracy
司法体制 judicial system
理论分析 theoretical analysis
感召力 ability to inspire
脱贫攻坚战 fight against poverty
多党合作和政治协商制度 the system of Party-led multiparty cooperation and political consultation
战斗力 combat capability
统一领导 unified leadership
正风肃纪、反腐惩恶 tighten discipline and improve Party conduct
社会主义民主政治 socialist democracy
党组织 party organization
社会主义市场经济体制 socialist market economy
马克思主义中国化 marxism to china
政治发展 political development
以言代法、以权压法、逐利违法、徇私枉法 override the law with his own orders, place his authority above the law, violate the law for personal gain, or abuse the law
大局意识 think in big-picture terms
“拍蝇” swat flies
共产主义 communism
回避 avoidance
不忘初心,方得始终。 Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.
经济体制 economic structure
医疗保障 medical insurance
地质 geological
土地制度 land system
组织纪律 organizational discipline
大数据 big data
国际影响力 international influence
作战体系 combat system
中国共产党 communist party of china
住房 Housing
马克思列宁主义 marxism-leninism
意识形态工作 ideological work
照镜子、正衣冠、洗洗澡、治治病 examining ourselves in the mirror, tidying our attire, taking a bath, and treating our ailments
预期 Expectations
社会主义文艺 socialist literature
党建 party building
奢靡之风 extravagance
历史悲剧 historical tragedy
到期 expiration
联合国 United Nations
国内生产 domestic product
人类社会 human society
永不僵化、永不停滞 never become hardened to change or inactive
战略机遇期 strategic opportunity
特色社会主义 socialism with chinese characteristics
小康社会 moderately prosperous society
救中国 save china
富强、民主、文明,和谐,美丽 prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful
全球化 Globalization
发展观 approach to development
职业教育 vocational education
社会制度 social system
和平共处 peaceful coexistence
预算制度 budget system
民族复兴 national rejuvenation
和平共处五项原则 five principles of peaceful coexistence
问责 accountability
全面深化改革 deepening reform in all areas
资源配置 resource allocation
爱国统一战线 the patriotic united front
反腐败 fight against corruption
原文 译文
民族精神 chinese ethos
资本市场 capital market
创造性 creativity
收入分配 income distribution
社会主义现代化建设 socialist modernization
生活方式 way of life
节约优先、保护优先、自然恢复 prioritizing resource conservation and environmental protection and letting nature restore itself
政治参与 political participation
航空 aviation
责任 accountability
十月革命 October Revolution
绿化 afforestation
官僚主义 bureaucratism
教育方针 education policy
注册的 Registered
国家安全 national security
社会主义 socialist society
多数 majority
行政执法 law enforcement
生产力 productive forces
社会责任意识 sense of social responsibility
社会主义法治 socialist rule of law
气候变化 climate change
享乐主义 hedonism
财产权 the property rights
反腐败 anti-corruption campaign
决策 decision-making
宪法权威 the authority of the constitution
责任意识 responsibility
战略 strategic vision
自力更生 be self-reliant
体制改革 reform the system
有序政治参与 orderly political participation
自我批评 self-criticism
舆论 public opinion
增强道路自信、理论自信、制度自信、文化自信 strengthen our confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture
严格执法 strict law enforcement
中国共产党领导 leadership of the communist party of china
就业政策 employment policy
公共服务体系 the public service system
协商 Consultation
中华优秀传统文化 fine traditional Chinese culture
党委 party committee
社会主义 socialist system
综合分析 comprehensive analysis
“猎狐” hunt down foxes
网络空间 cyberspace
生命至上、安全第一 life matters most and safety comes first
组成 composition
基本制度 basic system
强度 intensity
海上维权 the protection of maritime rights
统一战线 united front
生产率 productivity
政治体制改革 reform of the political system
文化 sustainable development
产权 Property rights
开发 exploitation
制度化 institutionalize
中国 People's Republic of China
协调 coordination
慈善事业 charity
动态平衡 dynamic balance
农村土地制度 rural land system
鸦片战争 the opium war
国际关系 international relations
党的组织 the party organization
财政制度 finance system
共产党执政 governance by the communist party
动态 dynamic
国家文化软实力 China's cultural soft power
外部环境 external environment
社会稳定 social stability
体制改革 institutional reform
可持续发展 sustainable development
社会主义革命 socialist revolution
政治责任 political responsibility
人民代表大会制度 the system of people’s congresses
人民当家作主 the people running the country
政治生活 political life
一国两制 One country, two systems
泛珠三角 the pan-pearl river delta
百花齐放、百家争鸣 the principle of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought
党章 party constitution
文化管理 cultural management
机械化 mechanization
封建专制 feudal autocracy
国际维和 international peacekeeping
勇于创新 break new ground
基础设施 Infrastructure
民主集中 democratic centralism
执政能力 governance capacity
服务业 service sector
国家安全观 national security
核心意识 follow the leadership core
中华文化 chinese culture
康复 rehabilitation
社会保障体系 social security system
法治 rule of law
民族振兴 national rejuvenation
职业道德 ethics
税收制度 taxation system
渗透 infiltration
指南 guide
内政 internal affairs
中央委员会 central committee
颠覆 subversion
货币政策 monetary policy
民主集中制 democratic centralism
反腐败 combat corruption
人道主义救援 humanitarian assistance
遗产 heritage
新民主主义革命 new democratic revolution
社会主义文化 socialist culture
政治生态 political ecosystem
企业家精神 entrepreneurship
思想政治工作 political work
全民健身活动 Fitness-for-All programs
革命文化 revolutionary culture
荒漠化 desertification
社会福利 social welfare
政治文化 political culture
独立自主的和平外交政策 independent foreign policy of peace
法制 legal system
全面从严治党 seeing governance over the Party
基本医疗保险 basic medical insurance
税收制度 taxation
四项基本原则 the four cardinal principles
财政 public finance
马克思主义 marxist
发展教育 developing education
共产党领导 leadership of the communist party
防灾 disaster prevention
开放 liberalization
经济复苏 economic recovery
强军兴军 strengthening and revitalizing the armed forces
参与者、贡献者、引领者 participant, contributor, and torchbearer
继续教育 continuing education
公权力 public power
文化产业 cultural sector
执法 enforcement
军事战略 military strategy
同呼吸、共命运、心连心 breathe the same breath as the people, share the same future, and stay truly connected to them.
爱国精神 patriotism
经济全球化 Economic globalization
人民意志 will of the people
价值链 Value Chain
马克思主义理论 marxist theory
外汇 foreign exchange
经济增长 Economic growth
共处 coexistence
劳动力 Labor force
政治协商 political consultation
政治工作 political work
体制改革 structural reform
中医药 traditional chinese medicine
领土完整 territorial integrity
发展中国家 developing country
传统文化 traditional chinese culture
经营制度 operation system
社会主义法治国家 socialist country
社会责任意识、规则意识、奉献意识 social responsibility, awareness of rules, and sense of dedication
爱国统一战线 patriotic united front
现代化 Modernization
学习型社会 learning society
人力 human resources
人工智能 artificial intelligence
警察部队 police force
医疗保险 medical insurance
服务型政府 service-oriented government
哲学社会科学 social sciences
勇于变革 have the courage to pursue reform
公民道德 civic morality
基石 cornerstone
政治 politics
公共安全 public safety
政治安全 political security
人生观 outlook on life
强军梦 building a powerful military
人权 human rights
武装警察 armed police
改革开放 reform and open up
集体经济 Collective economy
监管体制 regulation system
网络信息 network information
社会主义先进文化 advanced socialist culture
冷战思维 cold war mentality
冷战 the cold war
战略目标 strategic goals
立法 legislation
法治政府 law government
公众参与 public participation
社会主义国家 socialist country
管理制 management system
经济制度 economic system
历史唯物主义 historical materialism
利用 Utilization
全面从严治军 govern the military with strict discipline in every respect
党的纪律 party discipline
粮食安全 food security
建设中国特色社会主义 build socialism with chinese characteristics
外交政策 foreign policy
党的建设 party building
监察法 supervision law
投资银行 investment bank
税收制度 tax system
空军 air force
工作机制 working mechanism
最终目标 ultimate goal
消耗 consumption
党员 party member
经济政策 Economic Policy
外汇储备 foreign exchange reserves
知识产权 intellectual property
基层群众自治制度 the system of community-level self-governance
社会主义核心价值观 Core socialist values
政治制度 the political system
发展观 outlook on development
“打虎” take out tigers
法治 law government
政治文明 political advancement
中等收入群体 the middle-income group
福利 Welfare
实现共产主义 realizing communism
现代工程 modern engineering
宪法权威 authority of the constitution
网络教育 online education
人民获得感 the people's sense of fulfillment
市场经济 market economy
深化改革 Deepening reform
制度基础 institutional foundation
统一战线 the united front
要素生产率 factor productivity
尊重自然、顺应自然、保护自然 respect nature, follow its ways, and protect it
再分配 redistribution
生物多样性 biodiversity
生物多样性 biodiversity protection
文化使命 cultural mission
水土流失 soil erosion
安全战略 security strategy
公共服务 public services
世界观 worldview
战略机遇 strategic opportunity
唯物主义 materialism
社会主义市场经济 socialist market economy
恐怖主义 terrorism
公正司法 judicial justice
社会主义建设 socialist construction
科学发展观 scientific outlook on development
共产党 the communist party
中国精神 chinese spirit
正当权益 legitimate rights
艰苦创业 hardworking and enterprising
抢险救灾 disaster rescue and relief
组织 Organizing
政治 political affairs
义务教育 compulsory education
协商民主 consultative democracy
民族独立 national independence
行政执法 administrative law enforcement
古田全军政治工作会议 Gutian military political work meeting
森林覆盖率 forest coverage
发展马克思主义 develop marxism
居安思危 be alert to dangers even in times of calm
多边贸易 multilateral trade
工人阶级 working class
传统文化 traditional culture
周期 cycle
民主法治 democracy and the rule of law
覆盖率 coverage
政治领导 political leadership
外交 foreign affairs
相互尊重 mutual respect
四项基本原则 the Four Cardinal Principles
全面推进依法治国 advancing law-based governance
先进文化 advanced culture
动员 mobilization
实施 implementation
国内生产总值 gross domestic product
高度 high degree
资产 Assets
丁湾护航 escort services in the Gulf of Aden
党的建设 build the party
战略机遇期 period of strategic opportunity
社会主义制度 socialist system
执法 law enforcement
国际秩序 international order
政体 system of government
发展中国家 developing countries
登高望远 aim high and look far
职业 occupation
社会主义意识形态 socialist ideology
社会主义市场经济 the socialist market economy
管理体制 management system
核心 heart
现代作战 modern combat
租购并举 both housing purchase and renting
三严三实 Three Stricts and Three Earnests
社会保障 social security
增强改革系统性、整体性、协同性 pursue reform in a more systematic, holistic, and coordinated way
国家政权 state power
政党 political party