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四下基层 four grassroots initiatives -
滴水穿石 water droplets drilling through rock -
笨鸟先飞 letting the weak hatchling be the first to fly -
愚公移山 Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains -
海阔凭鱼跃,天高任鸟飞 fish can leap at will in a boundless sea and birds can soar free beneath the limitless sky -
安贫乐道 Being at peace with our lot -
穷自在 finding contentment in poverty -
等,靠,要 waiting for government aid, relying on financial grants, requiring poverty allowances -
弱鸟可望先飞,至贫可能先富 weak hatchling bird can be the first to take flight and the poorest can be the first to become rich -
韩信用兵,多多益善 General Han Xin’s need for soldiers, the more the better -
睫在眼前犹不见 act like they don’t see what is right in front of their eyes -
靠山吃山唱山歌,靠海吃海念海经 on the mountain one lives off the mountain, and by the sea one lives off the sea -
一封就成林 The forest grows as soon as the land is set aside -
芙蓉李 Furong plums -
油萘 Younai plums -
鸿鹄之志 lofty ambition -
鱼与熊掌不可兼得 Both things you desire cannot be obtained at once -
莫伸手,伸手必被捉 don’t extend your hand; the extended hand will be caught -
大弦嘈嘈如急雨,小弦切切如私语 the big strings plang-planged like swift-falling rain; the little strings went buzz-buzz like gentle whispers -
阳春白雪 classic -
下里巴人 pop -
杂花生树,群莺乱飞 there can be nothing but cacophony -
见骥一毛,不知其状;见画一色,不知其美 to see (only) one hair of a thoroughbred horse is not to know its shape ; to see (only) one color of a painting is not to know its beauty -
独立大队 lone wolf -
千条万条,最根本的只有两条 Most fundamentally, there are only two things -
秣马厉兵 on the cutting edge of -
万劫不复 irretrievable -
从万死中觅一生 they must struggle for their very survival -
人亡政息 the death of ruler will not cause the government to collapse -
政之所兴在顺民心,政之所废在逆民心 success in government lies in following the hearts of people; failure lies in opposing the hearts of the people -
治政之要在于安民,安民之道在于察其疾苦 governance lies in reassuring the people; reassuring the people lies in observing their suffering -
去民之患,如除腹心之疾 dispelling the suffering of the people like treating your own severe illness -
以百姓之心为心 take as our own the mind of the people -
勾践栖山中,国人能致死 in the mountains Goujian lived / his countrymen their lives would give -
会稽山 Kuaiji Mountains -
卧薪尝胆 patiently suffered hardship to build up strength against the invading neighbor state of Wu -
诚于中者,形于外 What truth is within will be manifested without -
鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 do his best until death -
不使内有余帛,外有赢财 not to allow himself or his family to have extra possessions in or out of the household -
欲以身殉社稷,躬亲庶务,不舍昼夜 desired to sacrifice himself for his country and attend personally to public matters, working day and night -
于物淡然无所好 indifferent to material things, with no special interest in them -
恶衣菲食以终其身 wore coarse clothing and ate poor food until the end of his life -
廉不言贫,勤不道苦 be incorruptible and diligent without complaint of poverty or hardship -
解剖麻雀 case studies -
曲高和寡 not be too highbrow -
不作无补之功,不为无益之事 not expending useless effort or engaging in meaningless activity -
王婆卖瓜,自卖自夸 Granny Wang boasts about her melon for sale -
不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此山中 Why can’t I tell the true shape of Mount Lushan? / Because I myself am in the mountain -
言之无文,行而不远 Words without elegance will not become popular -
得民心者得天下 the one who wins the heart of the people wins an empire -
先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐 the first to worry about the affairs of the state and the last to enjoy oneself -
安天下,必须先正其身 to bring peace to the world, one must first rectify oneself -
顺藤摸瓜 follow existing leads -
芝麻官 lowest-grade officials -
麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 just as a sparrow is small but contains all the vital organs -
官之至难者,令也 the most challenging post for an official is that of the county magistrate -
宰相起于州郡 the prime minister has come up from the post of city or prefectural mayor -
治乱绳,不可急 untangling a messy knot takes patience -
新官上任三把火 newly-appointed officials “set three fires” – in other words, they seek dramatic changes or showy policies -
不实在于轻发 recklessness undermines dependability -
过山劲 tenacity to “climb mountains” -
涓滴成流,聚沙成塔 streams have their beginnings in tiny droplets, and hills start out as grains of sand -
世人皆睡,唯我独醒 they alone “awake” as the rest of the world sleeps -
谋于前才可不惑于后 careful planning reduces the likelihood of bewilderment later -
临大事而不乱 brave important events without trepidation -
临利害之际不失故常 maintain your composure when confronted with crises that threaten your vital interests -
眼高手低 have more ambition than ability -
天下大事,必做于细 big things must have their beginnings in the small -
安之者必将有道也 what brings peace and security will inevitably be his use of the Way -
旧社会 before the founding of New China in 1949 -
一失足成千古恨 risk a life with sorrow -
无官一身轻 Happy is he who is withdrawn from office -
苟非吾之所有,虽一毫而莫取 if a thing doesn’t belong to us, we don’t dare take a hair of it -
江湖义气 personal sense of rough and tumble justice -
法令既行,纪律自至,则无不治之国,无不化之民 When decrees are carried out, order will -
法令既行,纪律自至,则无不治之国,无不化之民 When decrees are carried out, order will follow, and then there will be no poorly-governed nations or unenlightened people -
寸心不昧 do not ignore your conscience -
万法皆明 there is no need to look outside oneself for answers -
八观六验 eight examinations and six tests -
听其言而观其行 listen to their remarks and observe their conduct -
苦之以验其志 give them hard work in order to test their resolve -
唯才是举 recommend people on the basis of talent -
任人唯贤 appoint only those who are worthy -
任人唯亲 appoint people based on favoritism -
《墨子·尚贤》 “Exalting WorthinessⅡ” a volume from the Mozi -
举才不党父兄,不偏富贵,不嬖颜色 there were no factions with fathers and older brothers, no partiality towards the noble and rich, and no favouritism towards those of fine appearance -
明良论 Minglianglun -
《谏逐客书》 Memorial to the Throne Against the Expulsion of Guest Advisors -
君能尽礼,臣得竭忠……上不信下则无以使下,下不信上则无以事上 When a ruler wisely employs his subjects’ talents, his subjects pledge complete loyalty to him … A ruler who lacks confidence in his subjects cannot use them well. Subjects who lack confidence in their ruler cannot serve him well -
不养士而欲求贤,譬犹不琢玉而求文采 A ruler who does not invest in educated men, yet seeks worthy subjects, is similar to an artisan who refuses to cut and polish a piece of jade, yet expects to find a beautifully decorated treasure -
修身齐家治国平天下 One’s character refined, the family in order, the nation governed, and the world at peace -
量小非君子,德高乃丈夫 A petty man is neither talented nor virtuous -
天下事未尝不败于专而成于共 Efforts fail when authority is usurped. They succeed when there are joint efforts -
专擅则狭隘,狭隘则离散,离散则困窘;协力则广博,广博则通畅,通畅则能成功 When people usurp authority, they are being narrowed-minded. When people are narrow-minded, they become separated from one another. And when people are separated from one another, they become destitute. However, when people make joint efforts, their world expands. When their world expands, obstacles are removed. And when obstacles are removed, people succeed -
三军可夺帅也,匹夫不可夺志也 The three Armies may be stripped of their commander, but even a simple commoner cannot be deprived of his will -
富贵不能淫,贫贱不能移,威武不能屈 cannot be led astray by riches and honor, moved by poverty and privation, or deflected by power or force -
不唯上,不唯书,只唯实 We refuse to offer blind obedience to our superiors or to believe only what we read in books. Instead , we start from the real situation on the ground -
慧者心辨而不繁说,多力而不伐功,此以名誉扬天下 One who is wise discriminates in his mind, but does not complicate his words. He exerts his strength, but does not brag about his achievement. In this way, his reputation and praise spread through the world -
快刀斩乱麻 cut the heart of matters -
修行靠实践,功到自然成 The road to perfection requires constant practice. Constant practice yields sure success -
运筹于帷幄之中,决胜于千里之外 Planning takes place within the tents of command, victory is achieved thousands of miles away -
驰翰未暇食,日昃不知晏;沉迷簿领书,回回目纷乱 Writing all day without stopping to eat, skipping dinner when the sun goes down; after burying my head in books all day, I return home with eyes in a daze -
一字之失,一句为之蹉跎;一句之误,通篇为之梗塞 One word out of place can wreck the entire sentence; one mistaken sentence can throw off the entire passage -
审大小而图之,酌缓急而布之,连上下而通之,衡内外而施之 plan based on importance, arrange based on urgency, connect with above and below, and balance between internal and external -
设身处地,急人所急,解人所难 put yourself in their shoes, think about what they will need, and help resolve their problems -
《官箴》 Admonishment to Officials -
机关牌子大、领导靠山硬 our organization has a big name and our leaders will back us up -
口将言而嗫嚅,步将行而趑趄 open our months only to stutter, and take a step only to stumble -
战战兢兢,如临深渊,如履薄冰 fill with trepidation, the kind of fear that comes from standing at the edge of an abyss or treading on thin ice -
四方来助,八面来风 help will coming from left and right -
三天打鱼,两天晒网 working by fits and starts -
圣人不利己,忧济在元元 The sage does not look to benefit himself, he worries for and aids the common folk -
文山会海 mountains of papers and seas of meetings -
视其所以,观其所由,察其所安 watch what they do, find out how much they make, and examine where they live -
致理之要,惟在于安民,安民之道,在察其疾苦而已 Governance lies in reassuring the people; reassuring the people lies in observing their suffering -
“戴高帽”、“穿小鞋”、“揪辫子”、“打棍子” give people a hard time, seize upon faults, or wield a big “stick” -
功成理定何神速?速在推心置人腹 What is the key to rapid success in establishing order? It is in treating people with the utmost sincerity -
长太息以掩涕兮,哀民生之多艰 heaves a long sign and brushes away his tears, sad that man’s life should be so beset with hardship -
老百姓称之为“不三不四级” the people complain the shoddy quality of the roads -
尺有所短,寸有所长 there are times when a foot is too short, and there are times when an inch is too long -
松柏何须羡桃李 the pines and cypresses need not be envious of the peach and plum trees -
“金娃娃” “gold mine” -
“三资“企业 foreign-funded enterprises -
无米之炊 cook a meal without rice -
毛羽不丰满者,不可以高飞 you cannot fly high without a full set of feathers -
寸心不昧,万法皆明 with a clean conscience, all things become clear -
一刀切 rigid uniformity -
千里之行,始于足下 A journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath one’s feet -
千军万马扶持千家万户 rallying thousands of troops to help thousands of families -
不耻落后,意气奋发,放胆开拓,争先创优 feeling no shame with our predicament, working with iron will, pressing boldly forward, and striving for excellence -
人云亦云 parrot the words of others -
春兰秋菊不同时 Orchid and chrysanthemum flower at different times -
成绩不说跑不了 achievements won’t evaporate even when nobody talks about them -
走马观花 skimming the surface of things -
欲速则不达 try to hurry, and you accomplish nothing -
十年树木、百年树人 It take ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to cultivate people -
分级包干,自求平衡 each level is responsible for itself and seeks out balance itself -
使它们成为无源之水,无根之木 we should cut of all lifelines supporting such behavior -
水涨船高,泉大水足 a rising tide lifts all boats, and there is always enough water with a big enough spring -
先给后取,培植财源 first give to cultivate revenue sources and then take -
欲取姑予 you must first give to receive -
竭泽而渔 catch the fish by draining the pond -
予取之道不如人意 mismanagement of “give” and “take” -
量力而行 act within our means -
丁吃卯粮 take the food reserved for tomorrow and eat it today -
此地有崇山峻岭,茂林修竹 Here there are rows of lofty mountains with lush forests and tall bamboos -
居安思危 we should be vigilant in times of peace -
祖宗山 ancestral mountains -
筚路蓝缕,以启山林 heading off for the mountain forest in tattered clothing hauling a firewood cart -
《左传》 Zuo’s Chronicles -
云生从龙,风生从虎 clouds follow the dragon, and winds follow the tiger -
山穷水尽疑无路,柳暗花明又一村 When one doubts whether there is a way out from the endless mountains and rivers One suddenly finds a village shaded in soft willows and bright flower -
越俎代庖 exceed the scope of its work -
雷声大,雨点小 all talk and no action -
五讲四美三热爱 five stresses, four points of beauty, and three things to love -
树立精神文明支柱、抓精神文明细胞建设 come up with a general plan for cultural progress and focused on the work of grassroots institutions -
岗位学雷锋、行业树新风 people working on different posts all learn from Lei Feng and foster new practices in all trades -
唯利是图 seeking nothing but profit -
移风易俗 changing old customs and habits -
“仓廪实而知礼节,衣食足而知荣辱” When the granaries are full, they will know propriety and moderation. When their clothing and food are adequate, they will know the distinction between honor and shame -
积跬步而至千里、积小流而成江河 But unless you pile up little steps, you can never journey a thousand miles; unless you pile up tiny streams, you can never make a river or a sea -
台上他讲,台下讲他 He talks on stage, and is talked about off stage -
细胞 building block -
包产到了户,不要党支部 production has been contracted to households, so party branches are not needed -
是骡、是马,拉出来溜溜 one can tell a mule from a horse by putting them to work -
大锅饭 everyone eats from the same big pot -
面朝黄土背朝天 with their faces to the earth and their backs to the sky -
盲流 blind migration -
山不在高,有仙则名,水不在深,有龙则灵 Who heeds the hill’s bare height until some legend grows around the hill? Who cares how deep the stream before its fame is writ in country lore? -
敬教劝学,建国之大本;兴贤育才,为政之先务 especting teachers and encouraging learning are the great foundation of a nation; promoting virtue and cultivating talent are the first service of the government -
有保有压,择优扶持 encouraging growth in some sectors and discouraging growth in others, and giving merit-based support -
居安而念危,则终不危;操治而虑乱,则终不乱 worry about danger when there is peace, then danger will never come; worry about disorder when governing, the disorder will never come -
善为国者,爱民如父母之爱子、兄之爱弟,闻其饥寒为之哀,见其劳苦为之悲 Good rulers love their people as parents love their children and brothers love each other. They feel sorrow when the people are cold and hungry, and distress at seeing their hardship and suffering -
白驹过隙,逝者如斯 time is like the passing of a white colt glimpsed through a crack in the wall. Once is had passed, time cannot be recovered -
亿万千百十,皆起于一 one hundred, one thousand, and even one million, all start out as one -
知之为知之,不知为不知,是知也 When you know, to know you know, When you don’t know, to know you don’t know. That’s what knowing is -
铁打的营盘流水的兵 the barracks are made of iron, while soldiers move through then like a river -