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generation process 生成过程 查看
例句: While these work remarkably well, they are plagued by exposure bias due to the greedy nature of the generation process. 虽然这些工作非常好,但由于生成过程的贪婪性质,他们受到曝光偏差的困扰。
language model 语言模型 查看
例句: In order to make training tractable, we first work in the residual of a pretrained locally normalized language model and second we train using noise contrastive estimation. 为了使训练易于处理,我们首先在预调的本地标准化语言模型的余量中工作,然后使用噪音对比估计进行培训。
language modeling 语言建模 查看
例句: Our experiments on two large language modeling datasets show that residual EBMs yield lower perplexity compared to locally normalized baselines. 我们在两个大型语言建模数据集上的实验表明,与局部归一化基线相比,残余 EBM 的产量更低困惑度。
of higher quality 更高的质量。 查看
例句: Moreover, generation via importance sampling is very efficient and of higher quality than the baseline models according to human evaluation. 此外,通过重要性抽样的产生比人类评价的基线模型更有效率和更高的质量。